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Bobby Baymont Is Breaking Musical Barriers!

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Hip-Hop & Rap are musics most popular genre as of 2023! With a genre filled with so many artists it's hard to find one that sticks with you. One artist that's on his way to the top & pushing innovation in the music industry is Bobby Baymont.

Originally from St. Martin, Haiti where he was adopted to Ada, a small town in northern Minnesota where he grew up, Bobby Baymont has had a dream of creating music people can relate too since the beginning. He's said in interviews he was always to nervous to rap or sing as a kid growing up but was always inspired by his younger brother who took to creating beats and making raps as well as performing for the school band. Fast forward to today, Bobby has been on an endless run with music that's been capturing the masses as well as his captivating music videos displaying his life in a run-n-gun style of shooting mixed with creative and well thought out imagery throughout his catalog of music videos.

Bobby's most recent song to catch peoples ear features powerhouse rapper Sincerely Collins called, "The Last Letter", where in the video Bobby is shown burning a letter addressed to his birth parents in a ballad about adoption and the mindset of someone with questions that never got answered and the challenge of letting go of curiosity of if those questions will ever get answered. Many of Bobby's songs touch on strong topics such as adoption, love, and growing up different mixed with witty lyrics and catchy hooks on top of beats that match the emotion & content given in the song. As he continues to work with more artists in the industry and expands his sound he also makes time to direct and create for others at a high level while still putting out top quality projects himself. Only starting to release music on all platforms in 2019, Bobby has continued to grow and his music continues to reach more and more people.

After releasing his new album, Gemini July 4th, 2023 which features Sincerely Collins who produced the entire album, Richie Evans, Choices, & Feenix Eve. He's been on a roll with releasing videos from the album with the most recent one being "McGrady", a catchy club anthem for those who want to take their spot and not look back! Another song that caught fire from the album was the intro featuring Billboard Charting rapper Richie Evans called "Sixteen", where they are both rapping and reminiscing on their dreams of being the biggest in the game when they were sixteen. People looking for something they can just listen to anytime they need some motivation or just a good vibe this album is one that nobody should sleep on young or old as its got music for every type of vibe no matter what genre you listen too!

If you're looking for an artists who continues to feed this fans with timeless music Bobby Baymont is one of the next up and coming artists in the industry! Fully independent and having never signed a deal, Bobby continues to drop music & videos even after his album released only 3 months ago. Expect more videos from the album as well as another project to come out before the end of 2023! Go follow Bobby Baymont on all platforms and buy his album "Gemini" as well as his older projects! You will not be disappointed!

Instagram: @bobbytheflame

Spotify: Bobby Baymont

YouTube: Bobby Baymont

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