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Don Milliono Is Bringing Industries Biggest Content Shoot Back!

After taking a year break, Don Milliono & Arizona Trending are bringing back the popular "Industry Content Shoot" event September 30th, where creators from all over are able to get thousands of dollars worth of content all in one event. In an industry where content is key, what makes this founder want to provide such costly services to creatives all over?

Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with the Coordinator & Founder of the Industry Content Shoot event Don Milliono. He came in with a nike jumpsuit & a flat brim hat by Phoenix local brand, "The Dale Clothing", while on a business call putting something big together one would imagine, but still had time to greet me before we sat down and got into my questions. We started out talking about what inspired the first event in 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Don stated, "it all started with wanting to bring creatives more content to advance their careers in a short amount of time. Every creative needs content from professionals and instead of having to hire all types of different photographers & videographers, why not have 1 event where everybody works together".

We asked what background Don had in the industry & who his favorite creator was, "I was always the one throwing & coordinating parties & events, creating new waves. From cultural events to branded events I always liked bringing something different to the industry. Doing things people haven't done yet." He also spoke about not being motivated by a certain person or having a favorite creator, instead by the community of individuals in his state of Arizona. "I don't really have a specific motivator. I've always just wanted to be the person doing the innovating and I've been inspired by the peers around me creating their own vision's and flourishing. I love to see that."

Another thing that stood out to me was when I asked him about what he hopes people take from the event he said, "genuine relationships. One thing I love about our event is that so many people get to connect with other creatives doing what they do, and those people connect, create, and allow that partnership to develop into a genuine relationship that started from an event we created. I just love seeing the full circle vision come together"

After finding out the history and some facts about the drive behind the Founder of the highly anticipated Industry Content Shoot event, we asked Don what his favorite part of the event is. He responded, "seeing all of the content on social media and the amount of connections built". Don being a creator himself in the fashion world, says he "understands" how hard it is to put all of the pieces together to create a product and is "grateful" he's able to bring such an event to the community of Phoenix that can open people up to connections and opportunities all over the world. You can get your tickets to the Industry Content Shoot event September 30th at the link below, and be sure to follow Don Milliono as well on social media to keep up with more of his innovative events!

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