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Finding Togetherness With Distancing

March 23rd, 2020

As we all know, the corona-virus has affected many people, families, and places. As we pray for those affected by this as well as the national lock-down, I as well as my family have been practicing social distancing. With many jobs on hold and people in their homes quarantining, like myself, I have found myself restless and looking for inspiration to continue my creative flow. Honestly, it took me a few days to realize not being able to do your everyday routine doesn't mean you can't go out and enjoy the free, fun, and finer things in life!

One thing we got to do was enjoy the care package my mom sent us for Valentines day with candy, which I don't eat much, heart shaped noodles for my favorite Chicken Alfredo, and some wine my mom and I usually like to drink. This was fun as I got to take so many photos and didn't have any time crunch, needs, or anything to worry about; just me and my camera and my family having fun. Another one of my favorite parts of this quarantine was going to see the LDS Temple, whiich stands for Latter-day Saints, in Gilbert Arizona. I've always been fascinated by buildings, and have always loved taking photos of places and things that stand out to me.

The structure and the trees around it look so cinematic like a movie scene, and it was raining so the street was glistening and reflective of the building. This part came from a session of exploring where we went to check out the church, and some other sites i'd seen while living in Arizona that I never got a chance to stop at.

For example off the 202 the Dignity Hospital always caught my eye, so we decided to stop over there. They had a sign we thought was interesting that read, "No Hospital Deliveries", which may be a normal thing but we thought it was unique due to the virus and overflow of patients at the hospital, but who knows! Although I have still had a few jobs its been a much more relaxed week and a half from what i'm use to and I have been taking advantage of it and loving it! To end this blog I wanted to say that even in times that seem scary or like we're suppose to be caught up in worry, you have to find happiness and positivity in what you have. When you take time to see whats around you and not get so caught up in the world and whats going on outside you realize all the inspiration and creativity you need might be easier to find then you think!

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