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Holley | Embracing The Journey

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

What does the journey look like to you? A common question we must all ask ourselves when reaching for something in our lives.

Coffee, conversation, & content creation was the focus when I met up with Holley September 10th, 2023 at PROVISION Coffee in Phoenix, Arizona. Holley has been a friend of mine for a while now and getting to see her grow has been inspiring and motivating! Holley is a commercial sports photographer as well as an aspiring real-estate agent and has done many gigs for big name clients as far as content and continues to push the needle forward! When she came in for our meeting she had her notebooks and real-estate book she was studying in hand and as you can tell from the photos she was ready to create!

Multitasking for a photographer and content creator is pretty much a skill you need to have and Holley has mastered it as she was juggling real-estate studies and shooting for this blog at the same time, very impressive! I actually met Holley through the wedding photography side of things as she hired me to 2nd shoot for one of her wedding clients where we got to get in tune and create someones most special day, no pressure! As well as getting a 5 star review because we did awesome of course, I got to see how dedicated and gifted she is with attention to detail as well as just having the eye for imagery. We quickly learned we work well together and got a chance to meet up and quite a few times since then and she always seems to keep me on my toes and learning something new every time!

With the sky as the limit, Holley has the unmatched potential to continue on her journey of greatness. She also shared with me about her fitness and nutrition journey on top of everything else! She wakes up daily and trains every day sometimes twice a day as she said, "It just makes everything better". While continuing to add to her plate she also made it clear one of her big short term goals is to, "get more sleep", which we fully support over here and when you're working as hard as Holley, you deserve it! You can follow Holley to on her fitness journey as well as her many other endeavor's on her social media links posted below!

Instagram: @lholley

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Beautiful blog! Inspiring and awesome details!!

Adam David
Adam David
Sep 11, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! 😊




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