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Love Makes Life Easy

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

March 2nd, 2020

One of the most contagious things you can come across is energy. When someone has a warm spirit or you feel something familiar or you admire something you usually seem to gravitate to it. My latest photo shoot was a genuine example of the worlds greatest type of energy, love!

Ashley and Micah booked me to take photos of their engagement and engagements are sometimes organized and the couple isn't exactly looking forward to it so they just want to get it done, or the fiance is making them do it and they aren't all in to it so you have to pump them up, which is fine. This was not the case with these two. From the second we started shooting you could feel their loving energy and how much they cared and wanted to be around each other. They knew each others every move, making my job fun and easy!

Some couples come with no ideas and leave the creativity up to me and we go from there, which is awesome too, but Ashley and Micah had their own style and creativity and usually when that happens you just let them create, and it worked out beautifully! We had a great time exploring Surprise, AZ and shooting in the beautiful open of Arizona! One of the main reasons I love shooting engagements the most is because it leaves me with a feeling of happiness and fulfillment that you left someone with something they will remember forever as a beginning to the rest of their lives! Big thank you to Ashley & Micah, you can check out some photos from our session below!