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New Sugarcane Drink Company Out Of Minnesota Is Making Waves!

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

If you're in the midwest you may have been hearing about a new drink people are loving made from sugar cane! The company is called Shoo-Ga Cane Juice Bar & Eatery and it was created back in March 2022 when best friends & now co-owners, Rodalin Prak and Hanna Peterson, met at the gym! I got to sit down with them so I got the full breakdown of how they got started, the benefits of drinking their drink, and more!

As the story goes, they were both doing their daily workout routine as they did every morning. During their warm-up on the treadmill Rodalin turned to Hanna and stated, “I wish we had sugarcane juice drinks like we do in Asia. It’s delicious, healthy, and I crave it. I miss drinking it and all its health benefits.” While Hanna is Asian, she was born in the US and didn’t know much about sugarcane juice. After hearing about it, taste testing it, & remembering the sweet delight once brought to her by her mom, she wanted to support her best friend’s dreams, so it was decided! With the help of their supportive husbands, the two ladies set out to open a food truck/trailer to bring the healthy delicious drinks and food to their family, friends, and community. From then on, life has changed for them in many aspects since starting with their food truck!

Sugarcane juice has many health benefits which include hydration, instant energy, & enhanced liver function. It's also high in calcium, potassium, and magnesium. People also claim that it helps the body fight cancer due to its alkaline in nature while all these natural properties, particularly potassium, help ease the digestive system. It's a natural low-cholesterol, low-sodium drink with no saturated fats which in turn maintains kidney health as well. Since it is rich in calcium it's also a nice alternative to milk for those who are lactose intolerant which helps with development of bones and teeth. Sugarcane juice may be a newer concept to America but has been the choice of drink in Asian countries for a long time, and still is today. Shoo-Ga Cane Juice Bar & Eatery also offers 7 flavors which include exotic fruit toppings to these fresh pressed cane juice. These include lychee, basil seed, passion fruit, dragon fruit, watermelon, calamansi, and of course the original flavor.

These fruits have many health benefits as well which include antioxidants for anti-aging, liver repair function, lowers inflammation, & even aids in weight loss. The food offered in the food truck is also top notch! Shoo-Ga offers premium rib eye steak skewers marinated with Asian fusion herbs and spices. The public has been loving all the food and drinks and showing it all over social media as Shoo-Ga has been taking the midwest by storm! The drinks can be packaged with skewers topped on Furikake Jasmine Rice & a crisp cold Asian Slaw! Can't go wrong with that! I asked them which drink was the most popular in which they responded, "they are all amazing!" You'll have to make the journey and see for yourself which is your favorite! The custom outfitted truck trailer officially arrived stateside in summer of 2023 & events began fall of 2023. Stay tuned for public events in 2024 which they will be posting very soon on their social media! I learned there are many amazing health benefits with sugarcane juice, but you should always consult your physician if you are in a specific diet as sugar cane does contain a larger amount of natural sugar! Sugarcane juice has no added sugars and is all natural!

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