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Relax, like a cat!

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Feb. 28th, 2020

Sometimes as a photographer, I get so caught up in my work I forget about whats going on around me. For example last night was one of those nights, I was reaching back to leads, editing photos, working on my website, doing so much at one time my original plan had been to go down to Tempe Town Lake and take a new photo of the bridge that i'd been planning for days (old photo posted to the right).

Frantically, as it was getting late, I made sure I had my bag, camera, and tripod to get ready to go on our adventure! We loaded into the car and began the drive down to Tempe, I was feeling really good about it at that point and had the perfect spot planned out. Once we arrived I got out of the car and scanned the area to see that the spot I had planned up over the lake overlooking the city was vacant and screaming my name! I walked over there ready to shoot and set up my tripod and hooked up my camera. Once I had everything ready I went to turn on my camera when I realized it wasn't turning on. At this point i'm thinking, "great, my camera is broken", among many other "whys" going through my head.

As i'm thinking of millions of ways in my head this could be happening, I take the camera off the tripod and flip it over and open the battery cap only to find, no battery. I then looked in my bag for my spares when it hit me. I could see in my head exactly where I left my batteries and chargers as I was letting them charge on the floor where I work and had forgot to grab them before I left, I was shook.

I went back to the car disappointed when my girlfriend asked me whats wrong and I had to tell her, "I left my batteries at home, and my charger". I realized my attention was on the wrong things when I had a plan of action.

This experience taught me just to RELAX, slow down and enjoy life. Nothing in life needs to be rushed so much to where it affects you. Take your time to enjoy every minute and laugh at the moments you can't control, its the best medicine!

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