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Wedding Day At Stonebridge Manor Covers All The Bases!

One thing I've learned since being in the wedding industry is the amount of different weddings and ways to celebrate love there are. One way is to book your wedding day at Stonebridge Manor wedding venues! They have a chain of wedding venues around the surrounding Phoenix, Arizona cities and I've had the pleasure of shooting at them all! This particular wedding I'm blogging about was held at the beautiful Mesa, AZ location for a great couple, Colin & Madison!

couple at wedding ceremony
The couple Colin & Madison during their wedding ceremony | Photo Credit Adam David

From start to finish everything was well planned and ran very smoothly! It all started for me in 2022 when I met the mother of the groom and her partner at Starbucks to go over the shots & the way they wanted everything to look! This was great because it gave me plenty of time to get everything ready on my end as it was about 7 months before the wedding, making for the best outcome! We had a great meeting and even got to meet up again with the bride, another Starbucks because that's my 2nd home, where we discussed more in detail what the wedding day had planned and I got to hear from her first hand about what she was thinking for the wedding media! My company, Adam David Weddings, was booked to shoot all the video of the day as well as photos so getting as much info as they could give was very important!

bride looking out the window before her wedding
The bride, Madison, looking. out the window before her wedding | Photo Credit Adam David

The day before the wedding we all got a chance to meet so we could go over the practice run at Stonebridge Manor. They had a pretty big supporting cast of family members so it was basically everybody getting to visit and see each other before the big day! Everything was planned out strategically and I had a great gauge on how the day would go after we went over everything, much needed and helpful for all of the wedding planners and venues out there! Running a practice of the ceremony and events going on during the day always helps the day run a lot more smoothly and gives the family a sense of urgency to be on-time and ready so that the bride and groom have the best experience possible! So once we finished the practice it was time to prepare for the big day.

That day, I arrived early to make sure I could get the necessary arrangement shots of the venue I needed so I could spend plenty of time getting the candid and natural moments of the bride and groom as they got ready! The ladies were ready to go right away so we were able to go out and take advantage of the scenery and all of the beauty Stonebridge Manor has to offer before the guys got there. Madison & her bridesmaids were all amazing and didn't leave me having to pose them to much as they had their own fun poses and ideas and weren't afraid to ask for more so we could get more shots!

Bridesmaids and bride toasting before the wedding ceremony
Bridesmaids and the bride toasting before the ceremony | Photo Credit Adam David
bridal party posing before the wedding ceremony
Bridesmaids and bride posing before the ceremony | Photo Credit Adam David

Once the boys arrived we started getting shots of them right away and they didn't shy away from the poses either! We had a lot of fun and got a chance to shake out the nerves before everything started for the day. They even had a scheduled first look that they planned which came out hilarious as Colin waited to see Madison by the pool and got surprised by his younger brother in a wedding dress! After he realized it was a joke he got a letter from Madison. You can watch the whole thing and hear what the letter said by watching the wedding video at the bottom of the page! After reading the letter it was go time! I went to go get me and my assistants ready for the ceremony as the wedding parties went back to their room to get ready for the real reveal of Madison and the ceremony to begin.

The groom posing before the wedding ceremony
The groom, Colin, before the ceremony | Photo Credit Adam David
The groom reading a letter from the bride
Colin reading his letter from Madison | Photo Credit Adam David

Once everybody was seated the ceremony began. It was a beautiful arrangement of music and everything went very smoothly! We were able to get all of the shots with no issues and Colin & Madison were able to say there I dos with no interruptions! The ceremony was all around amazing! After it was finished everybody lined grouped together to watch them sign the marriage license and make it official with a toast and a cheer from the happy on lookers bringing in the new couple!

The bride and groom posing after the ceremony
Colin & Madison after they said "I do" | Photo Credit Adam David

Now that everything was done and they were married it was time for the reception, after some family and friend photos with the couple of course! The reception was all smiles and laughs as the DJ introduced for the first time the new couple as they heard cheers and screams while they entered their party to their first dance. The ceremony was filled with all of the special moments from touching speeches from family and friends, to first dances between the groom and mother and bride and father, and the traditional cake cutting that everybody got to see! There didn't seem to be a time where everybody wasn't smiling and happy for Colin & Madison and it seemed like the perfect day as there were no flaws! To end the amazing event there family and friends greeted them out with a line and confetti exit out of the Manor and into their car which awaited to take off as husband and wife for the first night! This was an amazing all around wedding with so much inspiration I can't wait to see how Colin & Madison are doing a year from now celebrating their wedding anniversary and getting to reflect with the videos and photos from this magical day! You can see the full video of their wedding day as well as the photo gallery attached below!

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