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Bringing "New Space" From Brazil To Arizona

We got a chance to catch up with up and coming Record Label "New Space Records" Founder and artist of his own label, New Space is bringing his sound from Brazil to Arizona. Even though Brazil was not his introduction to music we got a chance to find out where it all started, what Brazil and traveling the world taught him about the music industry, and what he has new that's coming and what brought him to Arizona.

New Space Photoshoot
New Space Photo Credit Adam David

New Space comes from a musical family as his Grandfather, Junior Walker, was a famous Jazz Artist, passing on his talents to New Space. Getting his name out in California, he met a friend who would eventually convince him to move to Brazil and pursue a career in music overseas. After touring throughout Brazil & starting his record label, "New Space Records", he gained a strong fanbase he could connect with and eventually bring back to the US.

YBN Nahmir & New Space in the studio
Left To Right {YBN Nahmir, New Space}

Upon returning to the US he's been collaborating with other artists in the industry as well as releasing his own solo music. His single featuring international artist Fusialka called, "Top Of The World" gained popularity when released Feb. 23rd 2023. He now has a new song with one of Arizonas own top artists Futuristic he will be releasing close to the summer time of this year with high anticipation.

Shooting the new video for New Space featuring Futuristic
Left To Right {Don Milliono, JD Films, Futuristic, Aaron Bolden, New Space}

While gaining popularity by networking and collaborating as shown above with platinum selling rapper YBN Nahmir, he has goals of going on a United States tour in the future this year and working with more artists. You can find his music at the links below as well as his social medias so you can follow and be on the lookout for his single featuring Futuristic coming soon!

New Space Photoshoot with Adam David
New Space Photo Credit Adam David

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