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5 Reasons Sanctuary On Camelback Mountain Is One Of Americas Top Proposal Venues

Sanctuary On Camelback Mountain, A Gurneys Resort & Spa in Paradise Valley, Arizona has not only been one of Arizonas top proposal venues, but also a top destination throughout all of America! Couples reserve their visits months in advance to indulge in the beauty of the resort in the mountains overlooking the entire city, making it one of Americas most sought after resort & proposal spot!

The location of the resort is right in the beauty of what makes Arizona great, the mountains! Couples choose Sanctuary On Camelback Mountain because everywhere you look while you're there you see beauty. That's a huge reason Dami, my client pictured who booked me to cover his surprise proposal to his now fiancé Priscilla, chose this location as it fit all of the magestic aesthetics he described wanting displayed for his magical night 12/26/23. Being able to have a location that's so beautiful it takes your mind off anything certainly is a great start to a surprise proposal and Sanctuary Resort has one of the best!

A surprise proposal has very minimal space for error and not many things can ruin a moment like this quicker then a poor aesthetic. Sanctuary On Camelback Mountain's aesthetic throughout the whole venue is beautiful from inside and out. You have the luxurious indoor restaurant overlooking the mountains & city below. Go outside and you have a beautiful open space with an equally beautiful view where you're able to customize & set up as your vision pleases. The numerous locations on the venue hold different aesthetic value for any scenerio as you have plenty of scenes to choose from throughout this beautiful venue! It doesn't get much better then that!

The service provided at Sanctuary On Camelback Mountain is exceptional as they leave nothing to chance and make sure your experience is perfect! The providers communication in my experience as a vendor to the proposals was smooth and easy as they guide you through detailed plans that are coordinated with the client to assure a perfect result. Not to mention they offer award winning catering services that are top notch to match the food! When everybody communicates and allows the client that peace of mind that everything is in good hands makes the whole process smooth & easy providing the best result!

When you look to book a magical destination proposal the setting is everything. Location and aesthetic can be beautiful but without the proper privacy whether you'd like it public or more intimate Sanctuary On Camelback Mountain provides the best of both worlds. Guests book this resort knowing it's a high profile area for many different moments so they have proven to respect their customers and clients by providing many areas within the venue that allow for private intimate sessions. It also allows for many social areas where others are engaging and making the environment comfortable to be able to create your magical moment anywhere within this world renown resort! As you can see by the photography in this article, Dami chose a more intimate setting with friends & family as well as a personal violinist Jesse Alva! The privacy options provided by the resort are unmatched and one of the reasons this is a must book for you surprise proposal!

City view of Paradise Valley after a surprise proposal
City view of Paradise Valley after a surprise proposal at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain | Photo Credit Adam David

This venue has so much to offer that you don't even just need to stop at proposals! The numerous venues within the resort offer specific areas for weddings that have been published and promoted as top Arizona locations by some amazing vendors! Along with many other promising amenities like the before mentioned award winning catering, an all around experience with numerous options to keep you busy, and the indoor & outdoor venue use so you can literally plan around arriving at anytime of the year for your big moment! There is literally no limit on versatility at this venue which makes it a must consider when looking for destinations for your proposal and even your wedding in the future!

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