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Engagement Photos At Stone Arch Bridge Are A Hidden Treasure!

Stone Arch Bridge has been a spectacle in Minneapolis, MN since being completed in 1833. While its first use was for trains to get across the city its now used for bikers and motorized scooters to cross, beautiful photoshoots, engagements, and many other amazing events! Many creatives and lovers have chosen Stone Arch Bridge as their destination to create everlasting memories you can find all over the internet and continues to draw people to Downtown Minneapolis.

Minneapolis is beautiful as it is but the preservation of the Stone Arch Bridge and area around it is a stand out beauty! I just did an engagement photoshoot first week of October and it was a beautiful 60 degree day with a beautiful golden hour! The couple came at the perfect time and we got some beautiful photos but the beautiful thing was the amount of people around us taking in the beauty of the area as well! I could imagine living around there and going for a run in the morning or evening and never knowing what kind of beauty I would see on my adventure. Usually I use a flash during golden hour or artificial lighting to get a spotlight look, but the photos felt so much better capturing the natural light and energy of the people around seeing the love from the couple celebrating their engagement.

Being as I grew up in Minnesota myself in the northern part it's always great getting to come back and seeing the beauty I may have taken for granted sometimes growing up. One thing that was fun about this shoot was that I went to high school with the husband too be so it was great to catch up and celebrate he and his wife to be with photos for their engagement! Talking about growing up in a smaller town and how it's still fun to enjoy the big cities and everything they have to offer that a small town doesn't is always fun for me! They were very easy to work with and were open to all of my wild photo ideas and let their natural love shine with every photo! You could see how much Dominique, the wife to be, loves Xavier, the husband to be, by how whenever they held hands her leg went up with excitement and they both were full of laughter! This was also my first time shooting at Stone Arch Bridge after coming here many times before it was fun to get to take advantage of the beauty with a great couple! With their wedding coming up May of next year I am looking forward to the beautiful photos that will come from that! Minnesota will always be a top 3 spot in my opinion to take high value photos around the world, so if you're looking for a beautiful spot to take photos for any occasion, keep Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, Mn in mind!

You can view this full album of photos below!

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