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Royal Rentals Is Bringing Creativity To The Industry

We always love catching up with businesses striving to bring creativity to the industry and their community and Royal Rentals is doing just that! We got a chance to sit down with the owner where he gave us some insight on the purpose behind the start of Royal Rentals as well as what it brings to communities that the industry is lacking!

Royal Rentals is a luxury rental car business based in Phoenix, Arizona started 7 years ago by Zay Hampton. While providing business to entrepreneurs, real estate agents, & more Royal Rentals value customers who have an appreciation for luxury through quality experiences! They go above and beyond to tailor to every type of client and strive to provide an elevated luxury experience to everybody!

Zay, the owner, told us that the inspiration behind the business was personal as his experience in the luxury travel space showed to need more quality and flexibility. Believing everybody deserves the opportunity to have quality experiences through luxury services he decided to create Royal Rentals knowing everybody's situation is not the same.

Being based in Arizona, Royal Rentals is looking to expand all over the U.S next and venture into more than just luxury cars.

Royal Rentals has a goal of also expanding into real estate & luxury jets within the next year as well! Working with brand ambassadors & Public Figures in their community has also been a huge part of getting their name out there while gaining the exposure throughout the community. Whether you're looking for a luxurious vehicle to just get away for a trip with your colleagues or family, or something for your marketing needs or a project with a company, Royal Rentals offers all options to make your goals happen!

For Booking Options & More Details About Royal Rentals Click & Follow The Link Below

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