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Mini-Photoshoots In Fall Keep Photographers Creative & Busy

Every season has its beauty, but fall is always a beautiful time for photographers to utilize beautiful colors & unique sceneries in so many places! In my humble opinion I don't think any season has so many places you can go to find great weather and beautiful outdoors for photos other then fall, and every freelance photographer should be utilizing this time of year if they want to build their portfolio, expand their business through word of mouth, or just keep their creative juices flowing!

Whether it be some quick family photos, brand photos, headshots, or any photos you can pack into 30 minutes, mini sessions are great to include into your services. If you're a photographer who likes to stick around their local area or traveling photographer booking and want to book shoots out of state, utilizing seasons to run impactful deals and creative marketing is key to keeping return clients and gaining new clients by word of mouth. As a traveling photographer, planning targeted and educated trips to destinations with past and return clients is most affective for me in the fall. People are usually excited for the color change and happy it's finally cooling down, or soaking in the last of the beautiful summer weather before a cold winter.

Camera by the lake
Photo Of The Canon EOS R & 70-200mm 2.8L Lens | Photo Credit Adam David

When you find a niche in photography and you start to do it repetitively it's always nice to go back and mix it up, in my opinion. Which is why I utilize the mini-session fall seasons so much and use it as a time to build my portfolio and dabble in other types of photoshoots, which some photographers like to do some don't. You can also offer mini-sessions within your niche to expand and reach more clients by satisfying a few lucky clients by giving them a rare opportunity with a discount on a major service you offer. I usually keep mini-sessions anywhere from $200 - $350 to make sure it's affordable for what they receive and also that I'm not burning myself out trying to edit a ton of photos. I keep it between 10 - 50 at the most with full edits of their favorites in 30 minutes, which makes the photoshoot quick but still fun as it still tests your creative side as a photographer, which I enjoy.

Family photoshoot with Alpacas
Alpaca Farm Family Mini-Photoshoot | Photo Credit Adam David

Although every photographer and creative is different, this is one of my favorite freelance services to offer as it makes me new clients and brings return clients back while allowing me to test my creativity during, in my opinion, the best season! Some people don't like to offer sales like that but my advice to the upcoming photographer is don't sell yourself short! Believe in your talent and offer something like prints or a certain amount off the price if they refer another client. These things seem to attract people and make them want to bring your company outside service. Set your prices according to your budget for travel, work load, & job requirements meaning traveler prices may be different then a local price. Being able to market your pricing and dictate deals is very important especially to the aspiring traveling photographer. I attached a few more photos from my mini-sessions as well as my fall deal! Hopefully this can open up ideas for other creatives to build clientele around seasonal deals!

Woman with her dog
Couples wine date
Father son shaking hands
L'Bri marketing photos
Shoo-ga marketing photos
Model portfolio photoshoot
Model portfolio photoshoot
Mothers day photoshoot
Product photo for marketing photoshoot
Fall deals and mini-photoshoot pricing breakdown

Offer Ends 11/01/23

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